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Need a speaker for your next event? Ask about current presentation topics, or work with me for a custom topic specific to your audience. I specialize in "Rent-a-Presenter" services for live presentations, virtual events and videos. 



Public Speaking

  1. Three "presenter secrets" that make you a better one-on-one communicator 
    This is a "two-fer" presentation that will give tips for public speaking, but also how they can be applied to any communication scenario to improve interpersonal communications. 

  2. Disasters and meltdowns: Presentations that went wrong and what you can learn from them
    If you like hearing about epic failures and really mean survey respondents, this presentation is for you. 

  3. Public Speaking "Quick Tips"
    If you only have a small window for a guest speaker, this rapid-fire presentation is bound to give the audience a few expert ideas for their next presentation. 


As a seasoned technology evangelist, I have spent more than a decade talking about software investments and emerging technology. Contact me about your topics for your next event!​

Specialties include: Low-code software, Security, robotic process automation, and enterprise integration. 

Video Presentations & "Corporate Explainers"

Video and Voiceover Services

Are you looking for a presenter for your website introduction, new product demo or training video? I can provide on-camera spokesperson services, voiceovers, screen captures and software demos to create your perfect "explainer". Check out my services on Fiverr or contact me for a custom quote!


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